Saturday, 23 March 2013

Harakeke make over

Kia ora whanau! A big thank you to all the whanau who helped us give our harakeke area a make over. It looks amazing!

We are learning a womens HAKA!!

Kia Ora koutou,
Ko Hikurangi toku maunga
Ko Waiapu toku awa
Ko Ngatiporou toku iwi
Ko Rakiora Parker raua ko Rosie Northover oku tipuna i te taha o toku papa
Ko George Borlase raua ko Te Oraiti Grace oku tipuna i te taha o toku mama
Ko Toddy Parker toku papa
Ko Georgina Borlase toku mama
Ko Rosie Parker taku ingoa
Tena hoki tatou katoa

Kia Ora ano this is my Pepeha (my Maori introduction making connections with where I have come from). I started this post with my pepeha because I am currently teaching the girls in the RSS Kapa Haka a womens haka. This haka is called "Panapana" and it originated from Ngatiporou. I have used the original words for the haka because they are the words I was taught as a child attending Hiruharama bi-lingual School.
Here are the words and a recording....
Kaea. A ra ra! Ka panapana!
I a ha ha! Aue
Kaea. Ka rekareka tonu taku ngakau
Ki nga mana ririki i Pohatu-whakapiri,
Kia haramai 
te takitini, 
kia haramai 
te takimano,
Kia paretaitokotia ki huria !
Hi! Ha! Aue !!
Kaea. He mamae, he mamae!
I a ha ha ! Aue !
Kaea. Ka haere, ka haere taku powhiri
Ki te tai whakarunga!
Katoa. Hoki mai, hoki mai taku tinana!
Ka haere, ka haere taku powhiri
Ki te tai whakararo!
Hoki mai, hoki mai taku tinana!
Kia huri au ki te tai whakatu a Kupe,
Ki te tai o Matawhero i motu mai!
E ko te hoariri ki roto i aku ringa
Kutia rawatia, kia pari tona ihu!
Hi! Ha!
Aue kss kss kss

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nga Nama (Numbers)

Learn Te Reo with Us!

Rosie has kickstarted this year’s learning with an animation supporting our learning in te reo. You can join us too and participate by visiting R12′s class blog regularly. Check this one out!

Pae Tamariki 2012

Check out how we look and perform! Ka mau te wehi my roopu! I am very proud of you

Pae Tamariki

6 in-school practices, 3 Lunch-time practices, 2 Weekend Practices, 1 Hangi, 50 Tamariki, heaps of helpers...!  Another hugely successful Pae Tamariki performance! Many thanks to the whanau who helped and helped and helped. Nga mihi nui Nic and Rosie.

Uke-Fest 2012

Many thanks to the parents who came down to help out (and rock out) at the Uke-fest on Saturday.  I had an awesome time and learnt heaps.  I'm looking forward to Uke-fest 2013.

Schools Tour 2012

[caption id="attachment_1869" align="aligncenter" width="480"] RSS Performing Arts group go on tour 2012[/caption]

Here's a photo I found of all the performers just after our final performance at Roslyn School.  I am amazed that most of us were still able to smile!  I know I was exhausted by then!


Music4Peace - Adopted Owl and the Epic Music Video

Hey!  This is Adopted Owl and the Epic's first original song and music video.  We have entered the song and the music video into a couple of competitions this year and have received some excellent feedback.  Unfortunately this year was not our year but what do you reckon?  I think we've done a fantastic job! 


This weekend just past, our kapahaka roopu had an all day practice.   We are working on our performance for Pae Tamariki.  Rosie and I decided to have a hangi for our group and their families.  It was a massive day with Rosie getting up at 4:30 in the morning to be a school early enough to light the fire!  Here is a slide show about the day!  

A big thanks to all our parent helpers!  What did you think our the hangi?  People who are visiting from overseas, do you know what a hangi is?

College Street Normal Show

Earlier on in the week we were entertained by the College Street Normal School's performance group.  There were two dance groups, two choir groups and one band.  They came to visit us to return the favour because our band and kapahaka went to their school to perform!  Here is a bit of a snippet of one of there songs.  Well done guys, it was an awesome performance!

Northern Cluster Photos

Music Heals the World Peace Comp

Adopted Owl and the Epic have entered into a song writing competition.  We are busy working on the song now.  Scott has come up with a catchy intro/chorus riff and Jack M has provided us with a 'stonky' verse riff pattern that will make you tap your toe!  We intend to be able to enter this song into the Manawatu Digi Awards as well. Competition Criteria:
  1. Songs must relate to the theme: Music4Peace: Music Heals the World
  2. Lyrics and melody must be original
  3. Multiple entries per school
  4. Songs may be submitted as video or audio
  5. Song entries are to have 20 MB per song (mp3)
  6. Video: mp4, avi, 3gp and flv
  7. Exceeding 20MBs? Place on CD and send to : The Peace Foundation, P.O. Box 8055, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150.
  8. All entries must be in by Monday 13th August 2012.
  9. Written lyrics (Word doc) of song to be included in the file sent.

The RSS Band has a new band name...

Band in the Paper

On Monday, the Manawatu Standard came and interviewed the school band! It was lots of fun and the photographer spent ages getting the right photo. I wonder what our next media coverage will be?

Kapahaka New Uniforms

Moana (Saffron's mum) has been busy designing and making a uniform for our roopu. Wow! We are so lucky to have you Mo! Thanks to 'the right place at the right time' models James, Caitlin and Saffron,

Our First Show!

Hey guys, on the last day of term we had our first performance at the final school assembly. We sound pretty good even though we only had 3 practices! It goes to show that all of your hard work outside of school has paid off! What do you think of the performance? It's no good not having Scott up on stage with us - next time we need to get you on a keyboard. Also, moves for the singers!

Today's Practice

Hey, we had our 3rd practice today and nailed our song! So we are going to have a go at playing it at tomorrow's assembly!

2012 - School Band's First Jam!

Congratulations to all the talented musicians who made it into the RSS band for 2012! We had our first practice this afternoon and it was really awesome! We listed a whole bunch of songs we could play, then went searching on youtube to learn the chords for a couple. We ended up choosing One Direction's "One Thing" to learn first.